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Robotic Process Automation

Roboteur is an RPA platform and development environment that makes it simple and inexpensive to automate processes

As the world of work undergoes fundamental shifts, we are starting to realize that it’s not necessary for a worker to perform every process – at any rate, not a human worker. The idea that computers are just as capable of performing certain tasks is quickly being replaced by the notion that they may actually be more appropriate, efficient and adept at certain repetitive tasks. Robotic process automation (RPA) is all about letting technology take care of repetitive or automatable tasks, thus freeing up human workers to attend to things that require more creativity or non-linear thinking.

Quick and value-driven ROI

Is RPA expensive?
It is relative to the cost of not automating, considering the above-mentioned factors, Staff and customer satisfaction, time and money saved.
There are different levels of RPA and each level requires different skills. RPA within an environment that has multiple business inputs requires in-depth understanding of RPA and a good knowledge of the processes you want to automate, but for something simple on your personal computer or within a small organization, you don’t need a whole team to execute an automated process if you use the right software. You need to remember with RPA we are more often than not building an unknown system, you are taking current manual systems or processes and automating them.

Each process needs to be taken on its merits, automations that cost millions of $ but give great RIO are much cheaper than automating a process that costs a thousand $ with little-to-no ROI. In essence, we believe the decision to engage RPA comes down, quite simply, to return on investment (ROI).

PayrollInventory managementServer & application monitoringVendor requisition, PO managementCustomer inquiries
Time & attendanceDemand & supply planningRoutine maintenance & monitoringQuote managementOrder management
Onboarding & offboardingInvoice & contract managementBatch processingCredit managementSetting up customer accounts
Benefits administrationWork order managementEmail processing & distributionBank reconciliationsDocument processing
Recruitment processesReturns processingPassword resets & unlockingClose consolidationsData capturing & systems entry
Personnel administrationFreight managementBackup & restoration
Education & training

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