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RationalVault is a SaaS based IT Risk mitigation and Real-time Cyber-attack mitigation platform with converged data protection and security controls, built upon AIOps, devOps style automation, SecOps and ITOps. RationalVault reduce the IT risks targeted towards production systems, kubernetes platforms, Secondary Backup infrastructure in NAS systems, DMS infrastructure and Database systems like MySQL, Cassandra and MongoDB.



“We live in the world of Cyber-attacks, ransomware onslaught, data breaches/thefts, insider attacks and various IT
disasters as the data is the new oi and currency. Financial institutions, Defense, High-Tech and Healthcare organizations facing a daunting challenge – keeping their Backup storage infrastructure and critical data under full visibility, security control and safe. Traditional Storage systems were built for performance, availability and scalability but security for the modern world was only an afterthought. Modern day digital infrastructure needs new security contros and auditable storage security – Nervio Guard suit of products just delivered that on its market pioneering mission.

A Swiss Army knife of modern data security, information assurance and IT Risk mitigation platform.RationalVaul t enables, real time storage intrusion detection and active response for the first time in the market. RationalVault provides a single pane of glass view of every systems and data platforms.

Cyber-attack mitigations services can be launched in real-time, no matter which location the incident happens. RationalVault uniquely combines data security and safety controls with IT Risk mitigation powered by AIOps and SecOps.

RationalVault service offers 360-degree Cyber Security Automation, Information auditing, Data Activity surveillance,Storage Intrusion Threat intelligence and Real time Storage intrusion response.RationalVault is a quantum leap towards autonomous IT Risk mitigation platforms with cognitive cyber resilience. RationalVault also enables software-based HA Service, Customer Telemetry, Single point configuration and
Automatic software patching. All these services can be offered on a FaaS (Features as a Service) model.RationalVault service can also be fully implemented onPremise hosting model or available as a managed security service through your MSP partner.

360 Degree customer telemetry of running systems for cyber attack monitoring, storage activity profiling and run time system kinetics with real-time attack mitigation responses.

Security by Design and by default experience to protected storage and server systems running across multiple sites, multiple clouds across

Geographies. AIOps based, real time IT Risk mitigation. Safety and Security converged, a market exclusive innovation.

Software based HA services to protected systems. Real time security and system control with command and configuration updates.

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