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Athinio Vault

SaaS based Encrypted Backup solutions for safest, long term archival storage for small businesses.

  • Automatically distribute data to multiple data vaults or clouds through SaaS based oneCloudStorage.com
  • All data is secured through military grade data encryption, then dispersed across multiple providers for maximum availability of data for long term in case of a provider going out of business or outage or hacker attack.
  • Data gets deduplicated, compressed and stored through erasure coding technologies across redundant data vaults, which are certified data centers across geographies.
  • For easier use, customers can upload files through browser as well, with no agents to install.
  • No capital expenditure. Pay for only usage.
  • Installable to any windows PC XP, windows8 or windows10.

Other Benefits

  • Global data deduplication and Cloud integration with patented technologies.
  • Data verification, proactive correction for maximum recovery reliability.
  • Data is dispersed across multiple clouds using information dispersal algorithms for m:n redundancy and information theoretical security rather than computational security.
  • No need to worry about lost encryption keys
  • Military grade data security
  • Transparent cloud integration with no overheads of public cloud storage.
  • Eliminate storage infrastructure/IT staff at branch offices if used for Branch offices.
  • Better enterprise collaboration & employee productivity

CloudDP for small employers

A truly scalable SaaS based Archival solutions for small and medium business. Included software platforms, OneCloudBin agent software provide best in class archival for desktops and laptops. Customers get a truly safe, secure and available archival experience as SaaS solution. The solutions enable SMEs /SMBs to establish a base level business continuity through an automated service. Customers simply sign up on www.onecloudstorage.com, install client software, configure it through simple steps and they are in business in less than five minutes.

Deployment mode
Download from SaaS portal.

Client software, downloadable.

OneCloudDP agent
OS: Windows xp,2003/2007/8
Memory: 1GB
Disk space:10GB or above

Setup/Installation fee: Free
Backup Analysis: Free
Recovery cost: Free.

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